Cooperation between the Sudanese Ministry of Health and the American Export-Import Bank

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As part of his endeavor to advance the health sector in Sudan, the Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Osama Ahmed Abdel Rahim, met with the President of the American Export-Import Bank Mrs. Kimberly Reid, and the two parties discussed possible aspects of cooperation between the transitional government of Sudan and the United States.
The American delegation expressed its appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of Health in spite of all the challenges facing the world in general and Sudan in particular, and expressed its full support for a smooth transition to an elected civilian authority.
The two parties discussed the possibility of replicating the experience of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, and its application in Sudan, which may represent a major leap in the field of health and disease resistance.  
The American delegation also expressed its interest in the technology used in biomedicine, and cooperation in this field.
The delegation included the American Chargé d'Affairs, Mr. Brian Shawkan, Deputy Director of Economic Security, Mr. Brad McKinney, Secretary of Information Mrs. Kelsey Kohlberg, Director of National Security in the Arabian Gulf, Mr. Kenneth Evans, White House Envoy Mr. Travis Thule, and Advisor to the Political and Economic Department of the United States of America In Sudan, Mrs. Kern Bronson.

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