Al Muallem Medical City signs a Memorandum of Understanding with MTN Company

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Al-Muallem Medical City and (MTN) Communications Company in Sudan, on Sunday, signed a memorandum of understanding to provide medical and treatment consultations to confront the Corona pandemic. The Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Media at Al-Muallem Medical City, Ahmed Naji Abbas, said that the memorandum of understanding that was signed with MTN comes in the context of the offers that Al-Muallem City offers to public and private institutions and companies to help them control the Corona pandemic, and protect their workers and dealers.

Abbas added (According to this memorandum, Al-Muallem Medical City provides medical and therapeutic advisory services to MTN employees regarding Corona virus). And on behalf of MTN Company, the Director of Human Resources Support, Mr Al-Moez Babiker Al-Kurdi, signed on behalf of MTN, and on the part of Al-Muallem Medical City, the Director of Marketing, Public Relations and Media, Mr.Ahmed Naji Abbas.

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