Al Muallem announces the arrival of the largest Russian orthopedic and injuries consultant

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Al-Muallem Medical City announced the arrival of the Russian consultant orthopedic, traumatologist and vertebral chain, Valery Parisov, from February 1, 2021, to see patients in the city.

Parisov will meet patients in clinics, operate and replace “knee and knee” joints.

The operations that the Russian consultant will conduct include cartilage operations, vertebral stabilization, widening the spinal cord, arthroscopy and congenital anomalies operations.

The director of Marketing, Public Relations and Media in the city, Mr. Ahmed Naji Abbas, said that the visit was conducted in coordination with Dr. Al-Moez Hussein Atta Al-Manan and aims to localize treatment at home and alleviate the suffering of patients due to the high costs of treatment abroad.

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