Arterial catheterization by the teacher .. the dream has come true

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Dr. Osama Kamel Najm al-Din, Consultant of Peripheral and Cerebral Arterial Angioplasty, is what distinguishes Al-Muallem Medical City is its possession of the VCVC and there are only two consultants in Sudan, one of them works in a private clinic, and the other is here in the city of Al-Muallem.

Dr. Kamel pointed out that the specialty of cerebral arterial catheterization is a rare specialty, and there are only specialists in this field here in Sudan, as most of those who specialize in it emigrated outside Sudan due to the lack of devices.

Kamel said, “I studied this specialization in Malaysia with self-financing .. I went back to work in Sudan and asked the former Minister of Health to buy the device, which is now available in Al Muallem, and its price was $ 2 million. He told me,” This is equivalent to the budget of 10 large hospitals. ”

He added, “Thank God, this device is available at Al-Muallem Medical City, and all micro-arterial operations and head tumors are performed in it so that patients do not have to travel abroad at costs exceeding millions of dollars.”


Dr. says. Osama coordinated with colleagues who specialized in this field and migrated outside Sudan due to the lack of equipment and devices, and we succeeded in conducting free operations for six patients.

Dr. hinted. Full that the device is easy for patients who suffer from diabetes and are forced to amputate the legs because of the arteries and their paws are the issue of amputation, as well as patients with cancerous tumors and removing tumors, and by the grace of God we have performed a number of successful operations and the patients’ recovery


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