Khartoum records 45 cases of Corona

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The official spokesman for the Emergency and Epidemic Control Department at the Ministry of Health in Khartoum State, Dr. Randa Yahya Najm al-Din, announced that 14 cases of Coronavirus were recorded on Saturday in Khartoum State, with a total of (45) cases from the date of the last announcement last Thursday.
Dr. Randa confirmed upon submitting the periodic report of the pandemic from the Corona Emergency Control Center at the Ministry of Health, Khartoum, that Khartoum locality continues to record the highest infection rates compared with the rest of the localities with the total number of injuries (6448) cases in the locality, while the total number of injuries in Khartoum State reached (20416) cases. The state has a prevalence rate of 22.9% in the community.
The spokesperson of the Emergency Department revealed that 3 recoveries were recorded on Saturday, with a total of 9 recoveries from the last announcement, bringing the number of people recovering to (9,603).
She pointed out that seven homes were visited on Saturday by the home supervision teams in localities with a total of 19 homes from the last announcement and during which (42) samples were collected, noting that (1845) cases of domestic isolation were recorded, of which (1161) cases recovered after they completed the period of monitoring and home follow-up, as well as For referring 18 cases to follow-up in isolation centers.
Dr. Randa confirmed that 3 deaths were recorded on Saturday, with a total of 7 deaths from the last announcement, bringing the total deaths since the beginning of the epidemic to (9,603) deaths. She appealed to parents and teachers to adhere to health guidelines to avoid infection with the virus, and warned that the ministry works in coordination with the Ministry of Education to supervise schools and monitor the progress of adherence to health requirements. In the interest of the safety of students and students and to ensure the continuation of the school year in a safe manner by adhering to social distancing, the use of masks and washing hands.

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