The center was designed according to international standards, as it was awarded the title of the best arterial catheterization center in Sudan by the African Cardiologists Association conference held in Sudan in 2018.

It is the first integrated interventional radiology center in Sudan and contains:

The three-dimensional, five-axis, catheterization device (Cath lab) made in Japan by Toshiba is the latest of its kind in the world, not only in Sudan.

The American Medrad automatic injection device and the German Drager anesthesia machine, which are considered among the most recent and finest devices in the world.

Central gas supply system.

Cardiac care unit.

Intensive care unit.

Intermediate Care Unit.

Arterial and stroke catheter center services:

The center provides its services in the areas of cardiac, peripheral and cerebral arterial catheterization, and it has many partnerships in holding workshops and training lectures, the last of which is the “Bile duct catheterization and bile duct stenting workshop” in cooperation with the Sudanese interventional radiologists working in the United States of America, where five free interventional operations were conducted. .

The center provided many workshops and seminars, including the workshop on the role of interventional radiology in the treatment of ischemia of diabetic foot. The center cooperates with health insurance institutions and the Zakat Bureau to facilitate the operations of vulnerable groups in society.