The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Al Muallem Hospital provides all obstetric services through a medical team from various specialties and the department consists of several units, namely:

– Outpatient clinics.

_ Inpatient units.

– Emergency.

Labor and delivery room.

Diagnostic services.

Obstetrics services: –

Follow-up of low-risk and high-risk pregnancy.

Follow-up of pregnancy associated with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, rheumatism and blood diseases).

Natural and Caesarean deliveries.


Fetal medicine specialty: –

Fetal medicine includes assessing the state of fetal growth during pregnancy and maintaining its health, as well as diagnosing any diseases or birth defects that may affect it during that period.

It includes the initial diagnosis of Down syndrome from the ninth to twelfth weeks.



Disturbances of the menstrual cycle (menstruation) and hormones.

Gynecological ultrasound, CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging

All major procedures related to gynecology, abdomen and vagina.

Advanced laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgeries, gynecological urology and minimally invasive surgeries for all simple and complex gynecological diseases:

(Cyst – uterine fibroids – tumors – infertility – urinary incontinence – pelvic muscle disorders).

Tests and treatment of causes of menopausal bleeding.

Managing fertility impairment.