The Department of Surgery is committed to excellence and international standards, and provides a wide range of high-quality services to patients.

The department has a comprehensive set of surgical tools for open surgeries and laparoscopic surgeries equipped for all specialties, and the department includes a three-dimensional surgical endoscope device that is the only one in Sudan. The department also contains therapeutic and diagnostic gastroscopes, colonoscopes, and gastrointestinal waves through the endoscopy, and this device is one of the few devices in the country.

The department also has the capacity to perform all types of specialized surgical procedures.


• Clinical services

The Department of Surgery serves patients in many sectors, namely: Outpatient clinics – emergency – wards – operating room. It provides consultations in the areas of:

General surgery, orthopedics, spine surgery, urology, breast surgery, colon, rectal surgery, liver surgery, pancreas, pediatric surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, eye surgery and brain and nerve surgery.

• Outpatient clinics

The department conducts daily clinics for all specialties, morning and evening, under the supervision of the appointed consultant.


• Emergency

It is covered daily by the vice-surgeons, specialists and alternate consultants as well.


• Hypnosis Patients sleep

according to the hospital regulations from outpatient clinics or emergencies under the supervision of the responsible consultant, and the specified consultant follow-up and a resident doctor 24 hours.


• operations room It has 5 major operating rooms, and operations are conducted under the direct supervision of consultants in the surgery department.


• A world-class sterilization system Emergency operations are conducted around the clock and on demand in all divisional units.