AMC is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare and  training in tertiary medical services, community and patient welfare services.


AMC aims to be a world renowned medical centre providing highest quality healthcare,and medical training according to International Standards.


We recognize and respect the diversity, dignity, and rights of each other, those we serve, and society at large.


We ensure the implementation of quality assurance programs according to the highest local and international standards.


We treat our patients, their families, friends, employees and all other stakeholders with kindness and compassion, we maintain a personal touch and care in everything we do.


We value the superior performance in our profession through continuous learning to continuously promote rapid and safe clinical innovation to improve our medical and surgical practice, and recognize the advantages of a cohesive organizational structure that nurtures interpersonal relationships and fosters teamwork.

Strategic directions

  • Improving the quality of health services provided, and optimizing the use of facilities Hospital, infrastructure development and technology employment
  • Strengthening national, regional and international partnerships
  • Raise financial efficiency, increase competitiveness and marketing
  • Managing, developing and training human resources
  • Promote scientific research and encourage a culture of excellence and creativity
  • Enhancing social responsibility and raising the level of health education.