AMC is committed to providing the highest quality healthcare and  training in tertiary medical services, community and patient welfare services.


AMC aims to be a world renowned medical centre providing highest quality healthcare,and medical training according to International Standards.


Core Values of AMC

A. Excellence

• (Provide services which is of highest quality, safe and fulfill patient's need)
• (Excellent in patient care)

B. Efficiency

• (Time efficiency)
• (Cost effectiveness)
• (High productivity)

C. Empathy

• (Empathy in patient care relationship)
• (Empathy in colleague relationship)

D. Ethical Behavior

• (Practise ethical and moral values as a way of life)
• (Practice honesty and fairness in interpersonal relationship)
• (Does not abuse power or authority)
• (Sincere and trustworthy in carrying out duties)
• (Does not discriminate between race, religion, age, gender and socio-economic status)

E. Patient Centredness

• (Care about patient's need, feeling, fear and expectation)
• (Respect patient's privacy and dignity while receiving treatment)
• (Provide clear and comprehensive information on the services provided)

F. Friendliness

• (Approachable)
• (Communicate effectively)