Quality and Patient Safety Management:

  • The Total Quality Department at Al Muallem Medical City was established to ensure safety and high efficiency and to improve the experience of our patients and their families while receiving services at Al Mu’alem Medical City, which is an integral part of the daily practice of all employees.
  • Our goal is to spread awareness across the medical city and establish quality concepts. We work closely with city employees to continuously improve the level of quality of care provided while maintaining a risk-free work environment. This is done by reviewing performance data and implementing appropriate quality development projects to ensure high-quality services. .
  • The participation of the top management and their support for the activities of total quality management is reflected through the general manager who supervises all quality activities and provides them with the necessary support.


Patient Safety:

Al Moallem Medical City promotes and supports every system or activity that leads to protecting patient safety and reducing errors based on actual documented applications and from the activities that we undertake:


  • Building the concepts of quality and safety in the hospital’s healthcare improvement system.
  • Patient participation in healthcare improvement plan.
  • Improve communication and teamwork between health care providers.
  • Standardize policies, procedures, and guidelines for clinical and non-clinical healthcare providers.
  • Establish continuous training programs on patient safety for different categories of health care providers.
  • Develop effective infection control and infection control programs.
  • Accident Reporting and Analysis: The best way to prevent patient harm is by applying the principle of learning from errors and accidents, and advocating a culture of learning from errors.
  • Establishing and monitoring indicators indicating the level of medical services provided and the level of patient safety.
  • Establishing procedures for receiving complaints from the patient and studying the extent of satisfaction with the medical services provided.
  • Adopting standards for accrediting the Arab Patient Safety Tool through implementing the necessary regulatory practices.
  • Participate in patient safety conferences and workshops.